‘Finesse’ is a fresh ode to hustle culture, starring Vincent Martell, Shea Couleé, and Jeez Loueez


March 27, 2021

Vincent Martell’s ‘Finesse’ illuminates black, queer intimacy with thoughtful color, effortless fun, and an emotional rawness that will leave you trembling

Artist E-SO$A drops his latest album, Blank Canvas, reflecting on politics, mental health, spirituality, and passion.


March 12, 2021

E-SO$A soothes and schools us in new album, Blank Canvas

Bad Animal is a captivating love story within Chicago’s music scene, starring Mykele Deville and Rivkah Reyes. What price would you pay for fame?


February 27, 2021

Chicago and its beloved music scene are illuminated in Remsy Atassi’s first feature film: Bad Animal

Andie talks about her new cathartic music video and how coming out helped free her music and expression.


January 10, 2021

ANDIE’s Soulful Music Explores Sexuality, Femininity, and Self

Lili Fang, Chicago photographer, describes the inner beauty she loves to capture in vibrant, pastel couture.


December 26, 2020

Lili Fang, Photographer and Third Year Medical Resident, on Capturing Inner Beauty

Late Nite Laundry is back with a dreamier, more entrancing sound than ever featuring guitarist, Ari Lindo’s vocals.


December 11, 2020

Late Nite Laundry, Re-Imagined with new single, “Fantasy.”

Ella combines her hand-me-down upbringing with body positivity and sustainability to create modern, inclusive fashion.


November 13, 2020

Sensual at Best explores the curiosity and power of sensuality through recycled clothing

TW: Sexual Assault. Survivors share their stories of Chicago-specific incidents of sexual assault and toxic masculinity within the arts scene. We also explore what accountability truly looks like and how to be a trauma-informed ally, with the help of the Executive Director of Awakenings.


October 25, 2020

Stories from Survivors and Defining a Path Forward

Dawneeah embraces color and imagination while painting ethereal, mystic pieces on both bodies and canvases.


October 14, 2020

A Chat with Dawneeah: Beauty from the Body to the Face to the Canvas

After years of being the “supporting character” for productions, thee David Davis steps in to the spotlight with a debut EP, showing theatrics, charisma, style, and range for DAYS.


September 28, 2020

thee David Davis steps into the Spotlight

Following the success of their last live-stream concert that raised $86,000 for front-line emergency workers in Chicago, Bluefecta expands to Wisconsin and Michigan in hopes to raise voter awareness


September 13, 2020

Ric Wilson & DEATH to headline BLUEFECTA, a fundraiser and live-stream concert with an important and timely cause

Eric Novak talks his new album “Absurd, Obscene!” -the shedding of half of oneself and his most emotionally raw musical journey yet.


August 28, 2020

Dissonant Dessert… ramshackle sounds fuse into brilliance

Mashaun Ali and Heavy Crownz, owners of Trap House Chicago, combine fashion, restorative justice, community uplift and support, arts and events, and tie it together with intoxicating energy and an inclusive social awareness to promote crime and anti-violence in Chicago’s South and West Sides so their people can flourish and transcend.

black owned business, event space, fashion, justice, store

August 1, 2020

~Trap House Chicago~ Clothes with a mission we should all hold close to our heart

Amanda Leigh’s art is a moment in time that represents soul, power, blackness, and beauty. From her wood carvings with gorgeous, colorful, acrylic afros influenced by her natural hair journey, to dancers captured and empowered in midair, her characters have stories to be told through her paintbrush.

acrylic, art, fineart, paint, woodcarving

July 22, 2020

Amanda Leigh Brings Life and Movement to the Canvas

Once a youngin from Malaysia with an eye for aesthetics, Hong Kong Films, and the 90s…this Virgo is on the road to her own signature design and style in film.

costume, film, music videos, television, wardrobe

July 1, 2020

Amanda Tan: Chicago’s Imprint on her and her Imprint on Chicago

Aligned with Bandcamp waiving their Revenue shares, we chatted with 5 Chicago artists who have been using their Q-tine time to crank out new singles and/or albums and provide you a mindful, different type of “Release Radar.” Enjoy these artists’ new projects, and check in with them on how they’ve been adapting, what they miss about their community, and what they’re grateful for.

artist checkin, artist interview, Music

May 1, 2020

a ~MINDFUL~ Release Radar

Chicago rapper, Woes, talks about his latest EP, Quarantine, made in complete isolation in two days, his forceful entrance into performing, and the influence of others in his life. Woes’ music has been featured on These Days News and Fake Shore Drive.

Hip hop, Music, rap

April 15, 2020

Chicago’s favorite aunty, woes

For her sound, her ideas, and her growth.


April 5, 2020

uma bloo on creating the space

photography, the internet, and fresh perspectives


March 20, 2020

Jordyn Belli in Focus

LOOKS WITH ERICA shares how she stands out as a makeup artist by becoming a part of every person she meets and bringing out their inner beauty


March 6, 2020

“is that paprika?”